Tablets in Schools – Will They Replace Textbooks?

Tablets in schools are becoming incredibly popular – according to BBC News just a few months back, they were reported in 70% of schools in the UK – wow! Remember when you used to have to lug around pounds of textbooks in your backpack? Parents would complain that this was bad for their kids’ backs and surely there is some truth to this. They could cause children to hunch over because of the heavy weight. This might not be a problem at all in the foreseeable future with the abundance of tablets. It was anticipated that approximately 3.5 million tablets would be purchased by schools by the end of 2014. This is a huge number that deserves recognition.

There are some easy to predict problems with tablets becoming widespread in schools. Students could sit there and play around on sites such as Facebook without their teacher knowing – the observant teacher is going to anticipate this concern, though. Of course, kids could have a textbook open and write notes in class, too, hiding them in their textbooks, but it seems a bit easier to “mess around” on a tablet computer.

Of course, an obvious benefit is that technology is indeed the way of the future, and kids will quickly catch on if they are supposed to use technology in the classroom. As it is, if an adult is not well versed with sending emails and using social media, they are going to have difficulty with many jobs nowadays. Imagine what the future will be like.

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