Key Differences Between the iPhone 5c and 5s

It seems that smartphones are being released left and right. Some of them look very similar, and they offer the same apps and abilities, so you have to wonder – what is the real difference? We took the iPhone 5c and 5s and decided to compare them.
The iPhone 5s is supposed to be a step up from the 5c. The 5s, first of all, is supposed to be faster than the 5c because of its A7 processor. It also offers better security with the use of a handy, cool finger scanner. Literally, the home button can read your finger print. This is called Touch ID sensor. It has the ability to recognize multiple fingers, too.
Another difference is that the 5s offers fitness tracking, while the iPhone 5c does not. This doesn’t mean that the 5c is lacking in terms of popularity, though, because there are still many cool features, and it can be bought for a better price, too. If weight is important to you, note that the 5s is slightly smaller.
At this point, what it really might come down to is the price tag. Obviously, slightly older models will be able to be purchased for less expensive. If you are trying to save money but still upgrade (say you have an iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4) then the 5c could be a good bet for you. Affordable but still cool and fun to use, and offering upgraded features in comparison to older models.
When shopping around, decide what would work best for you. Set a budget and decide if you want to extend your contract in order to save money on buying a new iPhone, or if you would rather buy a refurbished one or just an older version. There are many options so you are sure to find something that suits your needs. Whether you want the iPhone 5c or 5s can depend mostly on money, how important speed is to you, and if you want fitness tracking and a finger print scanner. Can you do without those things? Then opt for a cheaper, older version!

Using the iPhone for Better Health and Fitness – It’s Possible!

There are all sorts of ways that smartphones can be utilized to help achieve better and more positive things. One benefit from the iPhone is that it offers users a lot of free apps. Some of these can be used to get on the road to better health. You just might be amazed at what is available. A little research yields a lot of results – there are apps that are good mostly for motivational purposes, and others that can actually check your heart rate. Who would have thought?
Here are some of the popular apps that were found with a thorough search.

1.) Apps like Nexercise offer the ability to earn points for fitness. Those points can then be used to claim discounts from certain retailers and other things. You really can’t beat being rewarded for good health. The app is free, too!

2.) Instant Heart Rate is one that is able to read your finger and measure your pulse and heart rate. This app is free also, and a great way to stay up to date on your own body.

3.) Need motivation? Try an app called Carrot. It can help to organize to-do lists and apparently really is helpful for many people.

4.) Fleetly is another one that is free and posts challenges to users. There are dozens of other apps available for the iPhone – you just have to check what is out there and determine which one would work best for you and your needs.
Who would have thought that a smartphone could be so…smart? There are so many things that these devices can do – most people have no idea just how many options are available. You can use an iPhone to keep track of a food diary, daily physical activity and so much more. Use it in a way that is positive for you. The iPhone can indeed be a source of positivity and good health. Take advantage of what is included with your plan. Get on the road to better health using your smartphone! It’s easier than you might think.

How to Go About Repairing Damaged LG G3 Screen

If the screen on your new LG G3 managed to end up broken, you have a couple of different options. One route to take is to shop around online for the proper parts and do the fix yourself. There are a couple of downfalls to this, though. If you do a search online for parts, you might find that they are very generic looking in appearance. It seems almost as if you are taking a leap of faith in purchasing them, because they might or might not be correct. So, unless you have some sort of background in this area, or know a little bit about doing smartphone and tablet repairs, this might not be the best route for you to take. If you know what you are doing, by all means, it can be incredibly affordable!
Another option is to go to your carrier and see what they can do. You should probably do this before deciding to go online and order the parts yourself, because depending on your warranty and coverage, this could be a really cheap fix. It also depends on which layer of the screen is broken. If you have yet to determine if the issue goes to the digitizer and LCD, that is something that a professional can help you with.
Something else that you can do is ship your device back to LG. This way, you can be assured that the warranty won’t be voided by you doing the job yourself and making some sort of mistake while putting the screen layers back into place. Generally speaking, if turnaround time for the repair isn’t all that much of an issue, then you can get cheap repairs through professionals who truly do know what they are doing.
These are options that you should consider if you break the screen of your LG G3. Don’t panic and assume that the device needs to be thrown away and is done with for good. There are different routes you can take and you can enjoy the same device as if it is new once again.

Intelligent Apps for Smartphones

Your iPhone can certainly be used to your advantage. If you have teenagers at home, that you debated buying this device for, just know that it doesn’t merely need to be used for text messaging and updating Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are many beneficial, intelligent apps out there, many of which are completely free, which will leave you feeling like something positive is coming out of a lot of screen activity. If you are going to let your child use a smartphone, have them use it wisely!

There is an app by Tinybop, for instance, called The Human Body. This allows users to discover a model of the body, while also donating proceeds to a charitable foundation. It is cheap and definitely has something to offer. Back in Time is an app that provides interesting and entertaining history lessons. If you have a history buff at home, this could be something they actually really enjoy. Math-Ink is another cool app that can help kids and even students who are more advanced or in a higher grade level figure out how to solve problems. Who ever said that smartphones were only for messing around and texting too much? There are so many apps available that you can take advantage of, or that you can buy for your kids. When it comes to iPhones and other smartphones, there truly is never a shortage of options. You don’t have to worry that your child or even teenager is just wasting precious time playing around with their iPhone. If you get the right apps downloaded for them, you can have confidence that something positive is coming out of it. You might be surprised to learn that kids play with educational apps as if they are video games. If you are going to let them use a smartphone, do it wisely. Learn more by doing a quick Google search on “educational apps for smartphones” or do a search for the specific device that you have, for instance, “educational apps for the iPhone 4.” You might be surprised by how much you find.

For Artists – The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Those who love to indulge in their creative side will find that there is plenty of technology available to help them to do just that. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, all you need is your finger and the screen to create amazing masterpieces! The stylus pen helps, too. There are numerous apps available so that you can share your creative side with friends and family. Have a look at the list we have compiled below of the top 3 apps we like best for artists!
1.) Sketchbook Express – This is a free app for Android devices that allows you to draw, undo and redo. You only need to use your fingers to create cool images.
2.) Paperless – This is an app that can help someone who might normally be somewhat disorganized because it has the ability to organize your files for you. You can add colors to your art and you can even share it with your friends on social media sites such as Facebook.
3.) Painter Mobile – This is another app offers features such as symmetry painting. You will notice that it is similar to other apps for drawing that are available, but it brings a bunch of different features into one place.
If you enjoy art, or just sketching for fun, you will certainly appreciate the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the tools that it offers to fulfill your interests. If you have teenagers you are shopping for, consider this device and the available apps that can allow your children to be imaginative. In today’s day and age, it is easy for people to fall into specific boxes of expectations, and they have little room to be inventive. Who would have thought that tablets and smartphones could be used in such a positive, healthy way? If you don’t have access to an art class, or if you can’t afford the canvases, paint and other tools needed, consider the apps that you can download for free onto the device that you already own. What’s there to lose? Give them a try!

The Popularity Behind the LG G3

The LG G3 challenges other smartphones for a variety of reasons. It comes with a beautiful HD display, a handy camera with optical image stabilization, the size is desirable and it has a strong battery life. If you are looking for a new device and aren’t sure which direction to go in, but know that you want something different from your iPhone 5c or Samsung Galaxy S5, consider the LG G3!
Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and Best Buy are all places where you can get the LG G3 or acquire any further information that you need on it. The whole idea behind the LG G3 is that simple is the way to go, and it doesn’t have to mean that it is boring. Many people absolutely love this device because of its stunning display. You can see pictures at if you haven’t seen for yourself how beautiful the 5.5” display is. The colors are literally practically life-like. The camera is nothing to sneeze at, either. Perhaps you are taking pictures during a fireworks show or while at the beach. You can still expect great quality photos that you can print and keep forever. No longer do you have to be disappointed in the quality of the photos taken with your phone. There are a variety of Android apps on top of all of this that make the LG G3 very desirable. If you’re unsure of what to get someone as a gift this holiday season, the LG G3 just might be the way to go. It has a Smart keyboard and features like LG Health, too!
Another feature, which is important for those who will heavily use the device, is that it has a removable battery. You can buy additional batteries separately and know that if it is getting low you can just pop in a new one. Anyone who is constantly on their phone knows that this is an important benefit.
It is easy to see the popularity behind the LG G3. It’s probably safe to bet that it will be a gift found in many stockings this holiday season.

Choose the iPhone 6 This Holiday Season

The iPhone 6 has quickly become an incredibly popular device that people just have to have. It isn’t too hard to see why. For one, it boasts advanced apps that users are sure to enjoy, a size that is convenient, and a Retina Display that is nothing to sneeze at. Its extremely fast wireless and 8MP camera are just additional benefits. Are you looking for a holiday gift idea? Consider the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!


Take little Suzie, for instance. You are constantly telling her to put her smartphone down at the dinner table. You hear the camera snapping photos on her phone at all hours of the day. You know she has entered the room when you hear the unmistakable sound of a text message coming through. As a teenage girl, it is difficult to get information out of her as to what she likes, but she makes it quite clear that she very much enjoys her smartphone. Obviously, she would appreciate an upgrade! The iPhone 6 will allow her to take a ton of pictures that are of great quality, with its focus pixels. Hand her the iPhone this holiday season and you will never have to worry about bringing your camera to family functions. Suzie will be in charge of taking all of the pictures! How convenient would that be? Get her the iPhone 6 this year, and forget about having to send out invites for your next birthday party. Just have her send an iMessage to all of your friends and family, or connect to social media to let everyone know what is going on immediately.
It is as clear as glass (or the Retina Display of the iPhone 6) that an upgraded iPhone would make a great gift this holiday season. Do a little bit of research on the specific model that you are interested in or talk to your carrier if you need more details. Consider selling back the current model that you own in order to save a little bit of money. Get it for Suzie this year, or treat yourself!

Let The Professionals Fix Your Water Damaged iPhones

Imagine bringing your iPhone over to a friend’s pool party. You start taking pictures along the side of the pool. You also start updating your social media accounts and showing your online friends how much fun you are having. Someone accidentally, or maybe even intentionally shoves you in the water. You gasp for air, climb up the ladder, and wave at everybody because you are still having a great time. Minutes later you realize that your iPhone is dripping wet. Uh oh.

Usually people try to wipe their iPhones dry, blow the water away with a hair dryer, or even cover it in uncooked rice to absorb the wetness. Mysteriously their iPhones still manage to work, but unfortunately there will still be a possibility that the phone will malfunction. The only true way to ensure that everything is okay is to bring your water damaged iPhone to a professional repair shop.

Unless you own a water-proof smart phone, you should bring your water-drenched iPhone to a reputable, professional repair shop where they will take a look and assess the damage. Electronic devices and their components have become damaged by water many times. Even a tightly-sealed gadget cannot withstand the rushing, seeping power of water. It has destroyed too many complicated, expensive devices, and can render your iPhone useless if not treated as early as possible.

The technicians at the repair shop have been in the business for years and they know exactly what to do with your water-damaged iPhone. They have the proper tools and equipment; and they have the know-how and technical expertise when it comes to handling such situations. They know how to assess the damage and in worst-case scenarios, they can still at least save the data on your iPhone’s memory cards. Just be sure to shut your phone off if it becomes wet right away, and take out the battery. This can help prevent a shortage prior to going to the repair shop.

Among the many other damages an iPhone can incur, water damage is the most time-critical. Broken display screen? Sure, have it looked at next week. No signal? Wait until tomorrow. Water damage? Let the professionals take care of it now.

Typical Problems That We See With The iPhone

Normally, most iPhone owners use their brand new device with the greatest care, at least, they do this throughout the first few weeks after obtaining it. But as time passes, the iPhone owner becomes more and more careless in its treatment and will tend to just throw the very delicate iPhone inside their bags with items like car keys and coins. It happens. Feasibly, this is how many people are most of the time with their electronic devices. Nonetheless, you should know that the iPhone is made from very delicate parts and therefore it must be handled very carefully. When the iPhone is not cared for or is not handled carefully, you can assume that it will come to be broken or damaged. You want to prevent this from happening so that you don’t have to pay for repairs or replacement.

Here are some common problems that repair technicians see:

The most common problems technicians deal with are a broken glass screen and damaged LCD. These are the portions of the iPhone that easily get damaged especially when dropped. Naturally, the glass screen is the first that gets destroyed when an iPhone collides with a hard surface. However, the LCD can get damaged too because it is quite sensitive. There is no need to worry, though, because repair technicians can fix or replace whatever layer of the screen is no longer good.

So keep in mind that broken LCDs and cracked screens can always be repaired and replaced. Glass screens are very easy to repair and change. Certified repair services are capable of getting these parts fixed very quickly. When you choose a consistent iPhone repair service, you can be sure that they will use original parts for your phone that are appropriate. So at any time you have any iPhone problems, take your broken gadget to the experts. You can be guaranteed that your iPhone will be in great condition again, usually in just a few minutes. Practically all problems can be fixed if you just know where to turn to. Look up an expert iPhone repair shop in your area so that you don’t have to rush around trying to find assistance if a problem ever arises with your device.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

The rumored iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are finally out. However, they seem to not have the anticipated sapphire screen display everyone was waiting for. What does this mean? More cracked screens. However, a screen that can crack should not stop you from purchasing such a gorgeous phone. Anything breaks, cars, phones, laptops, body parts. This doesn’t mean they suck!
From recent reviews most people seem to love the bigger models. They love having the capability to do more and see more on their screen. The 4.7 inch screen really does make a difference if anyone was wondering. As for the structure not everyone seems to love it.
There have been multiple reports of consumers iPhone’s bending in their iPhone. So many have bent, that there is even a hashtag for it, #bendgate. Users have said that the phone simply bends from simply leaving it even in your front jean pocket, to even a slight drop on the floor. What does this mean for the future of the phone? Will they have a recall and make stronger frames? Will they swap out all the millions of units already sold? We will have to wait and see.
We tried the old bend test for ourselves. During the test we realized that it does take quite amount of pressure to bend the frame of the phone and it does not happen as easily as people claim it to be. Does this mean you should try it at home? NO! Do not go into an Apple store and try it either. If your iPhone does not bend, leave it as is and be happy that your phone is working great.
As for other feature the phone seems great. It has a beautiful display with a new type of glass that is strengthened and ionized to make it much stronger than the original models. So I guess we will have to wait and see if they break as easy once everyone who is waiting for them receives them in the mail!