Large screen phones for those with Poor Eyesight or that like to use Pens on their Devices

For those that have poor eye sight or prefer to use a pen with their phone, finding the perfect cell phone can be a challenge. The good news is, phones are coming out with larger screens which not only make reading them easier but it also makes them ideal for use with a pen. While there is no single phone that is perfect for everyone, there are quite a few options to try out and see which works best for you.
The iPhone 5S or 5C are the best options in an iPhone. They may seem like they have a smaller screen but they are great for the vision impaired because of Siri. The fantastic voice recognition software that Siri uses makes this phone easy for anyone to use. Not only is it not necessary to type but you can also use regular features of the phone through Siri which means you won’t have to actually read the phone itself.
For something besides an iPhone the Samsung Galaxy Note offers a phone that is more like a phablet. Basically a phablet is a cross between a smartphone and a tablet. They’re larger and can work better for those that want the option of reading on their phone. They’re smaller than a tablet but offer a larger screen than most phones making them easier to read and perfect for pen use.
If you’re wanting to stick with voice recognition but still want a larger screen as a bonus for pen use, the Samsung Galaxy S5 offers both. With a 5.1 inch screen there is plenty of space for using a pen to do all of your tasks and with the new and improved voice recognition you’ll get a response that is just as good as the iPhone option. As a bonus the voice recognition can even be turned on and off – with your voice making switching over to the pen as simple as saying a few words.
If you’re looking for a phone that is closer to a tablet, the LG G Flex phablet is what you need. It includes a massive 6” screen that curves to mimic the curve of the eye. This unique designed helps to reduce glare making the screen easier than ever to read and work on. In addition to the helpful design it also has a long battery life which is difficult to find in phones with larger screens.

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