Key Differences Between the iPhone 5c and 5s

It seems that smartphones are being released left and right. Some of them look very similar, and they offer the same apps and abilities, so you have to wonder – what is the real difference? We took the iPhone 5c and 5s and decided to compare them.
The iPhone 5s is supposed to be a step up from the 5c. The 5s, first of all, is supposed to be faster than the 5c because of its A7 processor. It also offers better security with the use of a handy, cool finger scanner. Literally, the home button can read your finger print. This is called Touch ID sensor. It has the ability to recognize multiple fingers, too.
Another difference is that the 5s offers fitness tracking, while the iPhone 5c does not. This doesn’t mean that the 5c is lacking in terms of popularity, though, because there are still many cool features, and it can be bought for a better price, too. If weight is important to you, note that the 5s is slightly smaller.
At this point, what it really might come down to is the price tag. Obviously, slightly older models will be able to be purchased for less expensive. If you are trying to save money but still upgrade (say you have an iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4) then the 5c could be a good bet for you. Affordable but still cool and fun to use, and offering upgraded features in comparison to older models.
When shopping around, decide what would work best for you. Set a budget and decide if you want to extend your contract in order to save money on buying a new iPhone, or if you would rather buy a refurbished one or just an older version. There are many options so you are sure to find something that suits your needs. Whether you want the iPhone 5c or 5s can depend mostly on money, how important speed is to you, and if you want fitness tracking and a finger print scanner. Can you do without those things? Then opt for a cheaper, older version!

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