iPhone 7 Plus Bends?

You might have heard that the iPhone 7 Plus (A1522), has a bending “problem.” Some users have reported that it bends if it is left a certain way in a pocket all day long, and some have even deliberately attempted to bend it. If you thought this was the only smart device that does this, you were wrong. According to testing, Samsung and HTC both have devices that are flawed in this way as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Samsung SM-G925F, Samsung SM-G925P, Samsung SM-G925A, Samsung SM-G925W8, etc.) and HTC One M9 have been demonstrated to bend as well when put through testing. Yes, there are people who deliberately try to bend these devices so that they can report the potential risks back to users like you. The iPhone 7 Plus reaches complete damage when close to 200 pounds of pressure is put on it, but it can bend before that. The HTC device was able to be bent by testers at just over 120 pounds of pressure – it breaks at this point too because it can’t be turned on anymore. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bends at 110 pounds, but the bigger problem is that the glass would break at this level of pressure. The issue that developers need to look at is that a person carrying it around could end up carrying around glass in their pocket. None of this is to say that the average user would put that amount of pressure on their device, but this information is something to consider.

Do you have any of these devices? If so, take caution!

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