Problems With Apple iOS 8.0.1

Immediate Issues for iPhone 7 and 6 Plus Users

Those who downloaded the Apple iOS 8.0.1 update might have found themselves in a bind. Cellular connectivity apparently started to fail for many users, and the otherwise convenient Touch ID stopped working altogether. These were the most common of problems that ended up arising.

The Response

These are just some of the reasons for why the update ended up being a failure that needed to be replaced – then iOS 8.0.2 was released, because of course the team at Apple stays on top of their game. They seem to become aware of problems very quickly and attempt to resolve them in a timely fashion and in a manner that is convenient for smartphone and tablet owners. This is basically a must because of the high priced items that they sell. Of course, their solutions aren’t flawless…

More Problems

Unfortunately, problems have been reported with the iOS 8.0.2 as well. Connectivity issues persist – often times, users just lose their reception altogether and then the service is in and out. If you downloaded the update and dealt with WiFi issues or connectivity problems when trying to make calls or send messages, then many others were in the same position as you. Surely if you have dealt with any of these problems, you have found them to be quite annoying. If you ever find yourself stuck with any sort of problem that needs to be resolved, be sure to reach out to Apple or to get in touch with your carrier. Worst case, a repair shop in your area should be able to help you.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Is It Better Than The iPhone 7 When It Comes To Potential Damage?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been applauded for its amazing features. So has the iPhone 7, of course. Both are absolutely amazing and prove that so many things can be done with technology. The world is changing as are our ways of communication. The specs of these two devices are quite impressive and if you own one or the other, you are sure to absolutely love it. But, when tested, does one break more easily than the other? This can be an important factor to consider, because anything that is used on a regular basis is subject to damage.

Here’s what was found…

Testing has been done to see which device sustains damage more easily. Yes, there are people out there willing to take their several hundred dollar device and completely destroy it just for the sake of being able to report back to users what they find. The average person might not be willing to try this, but it is interesting to see the results –

If dropped from the average person’s waist level, both devices did okay. No major damage was reported, but maybe a small scratch. Not a big deal.

When dropped from the height of a person’s head, the Samsung Galaxy S6 faced no screen damage but scratches/marks near the home button. The iPhone 7, on the other hand, showed no signs of damage. Awesome. This, of course, didn’t entail either device being deliberately dropped face down.

If you drop either of these devices, you can hope that it will still function correctly. They are both incredibly strong – testing says so!