Broken iPhone 7 Already?

Know Your Options

Whether you got the iPhone 7 immediately upon its release or waited a few weeks to buy it, surely you were thrilled to own it and excited to try it out. Maybe in your excitement you mishandled it and accidently dropped it on the hard floor. Depending on the way it fell, there could be some damage. While the screen is very resilient, it can still become cracked and while the device itself was made to be strong, it can still start showing signs of damage after it becomes wet or gets dropped. You do have options, though. Here are some of them –
If the device is still under warranty, then you should be able to take it to your carrier or Apple. However, if you are reading this, you probably are facing the problem of not being under warranty or having failed to purchase a protection plan. Here is what you can do:

1.) Try out a local repair shop. Third party repair shops offer low priced services that are usually done by certified technicians who have been in business for quite some time. Thanks to their experience, they are able to work relatively fast, usually offering same day repairs.

2.) Sell your iPhone. There are always people willing to buy smartphones and tablets so that they can sell the parts or use them to fix other devices.

3.) Check out a YouTube tutorial on how to do it yourself. Depending on the problem, you might be able to order the specialized parts and tools online to fix any issues.

Just know you do have options if damage occurs, no matter how new your smartphone is.