Recurring Problems with the iPad

Have an issue? You probably aren’t alone
The iPad is an amazing device, with the newer versions offering even more than ever before. We took a look at the iPad 4 to see if our issues were comparable to global concerns with the device. Here are the results:
The device seems to have charging issues. The iPad 4 might not recognize the connector or there could be a problem with the charging plug. Regardless, this does seem to be a recurring issue which is recognized and obviously will be avoided in the construction of the iPad 5.
Poor WiFi connection is another issue that has been reported through various sources. A quick solution is to turn the WiFi off and then to turn it back on. You can reset the device too and make sure your iOS software is current.
A general solution to various problems to include WiFi connectivity, a frozen screen, and the connection being lost is, as mentioned, to reset the device. This can be done by going into the Settings, clicking “General” then “Reset” then “Reset Network Settings.” If you’ve tried every solution you can think of but still have problems that are impacting your usage of the iPad 4, bring it to your carrier because there is no denying that these issues are wide-ranging and impact a lot of users. You can also look up a third party repair shop that is willing to fix different smartphone and tablet models.
Whether you have the A1458, A1459, A1460 or any other version, be sure to have any problems looked into so that you can enjoy the device in all of the ways that you are supposed to. Nothing is flawless when it comes to technology, although it is constantly improving.