iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5S iPhone 5C Battery Replacement NYC

Have you realized that when walking the streets of NYC your iPhone 4S battery is just draining continuously? It is as if there is a little iPhone battery sucker right in your pocket. This is actually because there are so many different towers in Manhattan that your phone keeps on changing towers. OR, it could be that your battery is no longer good. Here are some signs that you need your battery replaced on your iPhone 5.

1- The phone will reach a low percentage such as 30% and automatically shut off at that point (because it thinks the battery is empty).

2- It takes extra long for the battery to charge. Or it dies super fast with barely any usage.

3- The back or front of the phone are bulging out from the battery being oversized and bloated (what we like to call the pregnant battery)

4- The phone does not turn on at all.

5- The phone only turns on or shows anything on the display when plugged into a power source.

All these are signs that your iPhone needs the battery replaced in New York City. The repair itself is fairly inexpensive and only takes a few minutes. Come in today to get your battery replaced on any model iPhone in NYC.

NANDJ_ Find flash media error after iPhone 5 screen repair

This is what the iPhone screen looks like during error while trying to power up.

This is what the iPhone screen looks like during error while trying to power up.

iPhone 5 Front Camera

iPhone 5 Front Camera

Recently there has been an issue popping up after doing the iPhone 5 Screen Repair. Some people call it the red screen of death, but it is a flash media error. What happens is that when you are removing the front facing camera from the iPhone 5 while doing a screen repair, the wire is very fragile. Even though you may be a professional in repairing the iPhone 5 screen, you may still damage the wire. The short that is caused in the wire will cause the phone to not power up and give you the “cannot find flash media or FIND flash media and keep out error”. The only way to repair this is to change the front facing camera flex with a new one that does not have any issues.

Most of the time, this old front facing camera that Apple deems is not good anymore can still be used on older devices that are still running the iOS 6 software. So don’t throw them out. RECYCLE!!!!

However, if you are running iOS 7 and are replacing an iPhone 5 cracked screen, have a few of these front camera heads in stock to be able to switch them out on the spot if needed.